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I look up to anyone that is taller than me or who is talking to me out of a 2nd story window! image

Interesting facts about me

My Name is Steve Pugh and I was born in 1977.

I have always loved Herbie and it was these films that prompted my love for VWs and got me to buy my first VW when I was just 17 years old.
(I always wanted one but had to have a silly F**D Fiesta for a yr to get the money together as I was on Apprentice wages..)
This was my second car ever and I still have it now. I have had some other beetles and a bay window for a short time but mainly as parts salvaging or a quick "do up and sell" project. My current Beetle is my only beetle and I'll probably never let it go.

It is a 1972 1200 model that has a 2276cc Type1 engine in it which gives it a "Little" bit more grunt than a standard 30HP unit.
I have converted the body panels like wings, bonnet and decklid to pre 66 and all are fibreglass.

In 1998 I got into Motorbikes and the Bug came off the road and didn't surface again till 2001.

Here is a small history of the car since I bought it till 2001 when it resurfaced.. Click on the yr to see to see information on that period.

Click to see info image
1997on.............................. 2001
Click to see info Click to see info

Then in 2002 around March, It all came apart and got lots of welding, and a full paint job. Click below to see the project that I had tasked myself to finish BEFORE May to take the car to Run To the Sun. Foolish? My girlfriend didn't like it.
She hardly saw me....!

*Enter The Rebuild*

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